2014 was a good year for movies, a worthy follow-up to the phenomenal 2013. Hollywood managed to touch on a range of emotions for movie-goers everywhere. The Fault In Our Stars had audiences in tears, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 had people ready to stand up to authority, and Selma had folks contemplating the […]

Meh. What else can you say about music in 2014? While last year was relatively easy to come up with the album of the year (Yeezus, duh!) this year was struggle city. There wasn’t an album that could be considered heads over everyone else’s. Hell, there wasn’t even an album that was constantly in the conversation […]

2014 has absolutely been the year of the Wests: North West specifically. This year, she designed an Hermes bag for her mom, she sat pretty in front row during Paris Fashion Week, and graced the cover of Vogue – all at the tender age of one. A sighting of the only child of Fashion’s First Family was unheard of […]

The Christmas shopping has commenced and the halls are being decked with boughs of holly, but we’ve been busy making the most out of what the most wonderful time of the year is really about: Looking at all the fine and sexy celebs. Because, research. How else would we bring you the list of the […]

What’s a mixtape anyway? We’re not sure anymore. Back in the day, a mixtape was something you made for your girl, or whatever. Then, during hip-hop’s boom years in the ’90s, it became something sellable: a way to hear exclusive, new, often stolen music from some of your favorite rappers. From there, it became a […]

2014 was the year of acronym song titles. You know, the three to five letter abbreviations we’re too lazy to type or write in full, like #FOH, #OMG, #FWU, #FTW, #TBH. The list goes on and on. Don’t know what it was about acronyms this year in particular, but in regards to song titles, most of […]