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2014 was the year of acronym song titles.

You know, the three to five letter abbreviations we’re too lazy to type or write in full, like #FOH, #OMG, #FWU, #FTW, #TBH. The list goes on and on.

Don’t know what it was about acronyms this year in particular, but in regards to song titles, most of the artists we’ve included on this list used them as a substitute for an explicit phrase or word.

Surprisingly, there were one too many acronym song titles this year. Some were #OMG “this is great,” and others were #OMG “this sucks.” Oh, and there were definitely a few acronym songs that were plain and mediocre, #TBH.

And as T.I. would say, “we don’t want no mediocre.”

These are the 10 best acronym songs of 2014.

10. Eric Bellinger – “IOU”

What It Means: Inside Of You

Album: The Rebirth

R&B newcomer Eric Bellinger began buzzing nationwide this year when he pressed pause on his songwriting career and began focusing on his career as a solo artist. He’s written songs for everyone from Selena Gomez and Chris Brown, to Greyson Chance and Cali Swag District. His song “IOU” is definitely a play on the most famous abbreviation “I owe you,” but he’s given the three-letter abbreviation a steamy variation with “inside of you.” It’s kind of hot, so take a listen.

9. Ab-Soul – “W.R.O.H” featuring JSMN

What It Means: We Really Out Here

Album: These Days…

Ab-Soul’s “W.R.O.H.” is by far the longest song on our list. The 23-minute epic is featured on the Cali rapper’s major label debut These Days and features JSMN. What’s so great about this song is the 20-minute rap battle between Soul and battle rap legend Daylyt.

8. Migos – “YRH” Featuring Rich Homie Quan

What It Means: Young Rich Homies

Album: No Labels II mixtape

The Migos have been killing 2014 one trap song at time, and “YRH” is no exception. The song title is a play on Migos, who often refer to themselves as “young rich n*ggas,” and Rich Homie Quan’s moniker. The Metro Boomin-produced track is featured on Migos’ acclaimed No Labels II mixtape, which features other breakout hits like “Handsome & Wealthy,” “Fight Night,” and “Birds.”


What It Means: The song is titled after a luxury chain of hotels located in South Beach, Beverly Hills, and Baha Mar.


Sampling Dru Hill’s 1996 R&B groove “Share My World,” PARTYNEXTDOOR does what he does best on “SLS” – capture sexy. You don’t have to be with PARTY to envision the type of party he’s having when listening to “SLS.” It’s thrilling and erotic, yet there’s a subtle sense of caring regarding the lady of the night he’s serenading.

6. Trey Songz – “Y.A.S” 

What It Means: You Ain’t Shit

Album: Trigga 

Just when critics were starting to count Trey Songz out, the Virginia native released a notably solid R&B album this summer. Joining in on the acronym trend, Trey released a sensual single titled “Y.A.S,” which chronicles the tale of an on-again off-again love who finally discovers her man [Trey Songz] isn’t worth the headache, trouble, or heartache.

5. J. Cole – “G.O.M.D” 

What It Means: Get Off My Dick

Album: 2014 Forest Hills Drive

If you’re feeling victimized by your haters, put this song on immediately. J. Cole’s not blind to his polarizing existence. It’s no secret that you either love J. Cole and everything he does, or think J. Cole is a good rapper, but predictable and uninteresting. We got the chance to have an early listen of the album, which is why “G.O.M.D.” makes our list. The production on this song is nuts. The album will drop tomorrow, so make sure you check it out.


What It Means: F*ck With You


On his self-titled follow-up, PARTY stuck with the acronym theme for more than one song. Like “SLS,” “FWU” is dark and sexy. The song is sweltering hot and manages to transform into a sex-driven roller coaster peppered with long-winded runs and vibrant falsettos. If you want to tell a lover how much you care, this song is your best bet.

3. Jhene Aiko – “W.A.Y.S.”

What It Means: Why Aren’t You Smiling?

Album: Souled Out

It was all a dream. One of a few standout tracks on Jhene Aiko’s Def Jam debut Souled Out is “W.A.Y.S.,” a song where Jhene describes the moment when her now deceased brother Miyagi (who died of cancer in 2012) came to her in her dreams and told her to keep pushing through the trials and tribulations of fame. The track is downright inspirational, and when life gets tough, simply ask yourself “why aren’t you smiling?”

2. YG – “BPT” 

What It Means: Acronym for “Bompton,” the blood gang reference for Compton, California.

Album: My Krazy Life 

Despite being snubbed by the GRAMMYS for “Best Rap Album” category, YG delivered one, if not the best hip-hop album in 2014. Who would’ve thought? After a brief skit, YG opens his revered album with a jarring DJ Mustard-produced track that captures the essence of Compton’s rough palm tree-lined streets. “BPT” makes you want to party, ride around in an old school convertible, and have a “Meet The Flockers” moment. Basically, it’s f*cking good.

1. Big Sean – “IDFWU” 

What It Means: I Don’t F*ck With You

Album: Forthcoming album, currently untitled

There’s not much to say about this song except it’s f*cking awesome! After calling off his wedding to Glee actress Naya Rivera, Big Sean snapped out of his love trance and recorded a brilliant song for everyone he doesn’t f*ck with, including his ex-fiancée. This song is hands down the best acronym track of the year. And if you don’t agree, FOH.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Artist Promotional

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