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2014 was a year filled with the good, bad, basic, and mediocre.

Besides police brutality and the infringement on civil liberties of United States citizens, there wasn’t much worth discussing in 2014 – not even the Super Bowl.

We should’ve known 2014 was for the basics when watching paint dry seemed like a viable alternative to watching Super Bowl XLVIII.

Not to mention, it took a music artist ten whole months to score a platinum-selling album. Thank you Taylor Swift for not making 2014 a completely mediocre year.

A few of her musical peers like J. Cole, D’Angelo, and Nicki Minaj attempted to end the year on a high note with three good albums, but we already had the taste of mediocrity in our mouths.

Hopefully, 2015 is the year of celebrity-released nudes, nip slips, mic-snatching, phenomenal music, and unadulterated turn up.

These are the 40 most mediocre moments of 2014.

40 Mediocre Moments In 2014 (LIST)
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