There were many firsts that happened in 2022, but there were about 20 things we did not have on our bingo card. Check out a gallery inside.

Janet Jackson's song "Making Love In The Rain" was sampled by H.E.R. for "Damage." Other popular samples used in 2020 include Ginuwine's "Differences" for Pop Smoke's "What You Know Bout Love" and Jazmine Sullivan's "Circles" for Megan Thee Stallion's song of the same name.

Crediting his youngest daughter Sasha, Obama said the 19-year-old is their music guru.

But what do you buy someone who has everything? Check out the list of gifts we'd get for our favorite stars.

Let's wrap up Global Grind's most popular articles in 2017.

2017 is quickly coming to an end and a few brave brothers and sisters took to Twitter to reveal the hilarious, random or wildest things they’ve done this year with the hashtag #2017WasTheYearThatIFinally. Some of the revelations were pretty profound: While others were pretty damn funny:   How was your 2k17? Keep clicking for more […]

When it comes to the year in style, 2014 was a memorable one to say the least. From fashion-firsts to the re-emergence of a few favorites from the 1990s, there are some moments we’ll never forget, and some that we’ll try hard to. One thing’s for sure, there are trends we’re pretty much over for the new […]

This year seemed to be a turning point for social, domestic, and discriminatory issues, with more and more people coming together to fight injustice, or just to honor each other with awesome acts of kindness. While there were a lot of mediocre moments in 2014, plenty of folks were either caught placing their kind acts on social media, […]

2014 was the year of the meme. When something happened, whether funny, serious or somewhere in between, internet users turned it into a meme faster than you can say, “…but that’s none of my business.” We discovered Bobby Shmurda from a Vine video after people wondered where his hat went. We clowned Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic with movies of […]

I would like to present an ode to two people who uniquely touched a collective conscience in a way we could feel, defend and forgive like family. Solange Knowles and Eric Garner represent a people’s choice of righteous indignation, pride and prejudice. Unknowingly caught on camera, the world heard their voices with and without sound. […]