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After receiving terrorist threats, Sony decided to pull James Franco and Seth Rogen‘s The Interview from theaters. They forgot however, to cancel a YouTube promo, which popped up in the middle of night.

The new trailer, which has since been taken down, was ironically captioned, “Only one movie has the whole world talking. In Rogen and Franco we trust.” Needless to say, taking it down was a good idea.

The dreaded moment we all knew was coming finally arrived. The last episode of The Colbert Report aired last night, and it was truly bittersweet.

Never one to go out without a bang, Stephen Colbert finished off his nine-year run by making himself immortal.

“I have been sitting here for two minutes or 200 years I can’t tell the difference anymore because I’m deathless…I’m ending the ‘Report,’ and I was going to say goodbye,” Colbert said. “But now that I’ll live forever, who knows.”

The talk show host was joined by his mentor Jon StewartNeil deGrasse Tyson, Cyndi Lauper, Katie CouricBig Bird (because why not?), and more, as they all sang “We’ll Meet Again” with Randy Newman on piano.

Watch the video above.

After the awful verdicts in the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases came out, racial tensions have been high, to say the least.

On an episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell got into a very heated debate over the matter. The debate started when the panelists were discussing President Obama’s personal experience with racism, and disparities occurred when Whoopi argued that “ignorance” and not racism caused racial profiling.

Watch the conversation above.

SOURCE: Huffington Post, NY Daily News, The Verge | PHOTO CREDIT: Columbia Pictures

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