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Amazon Studios has been the rumored sponsor for Spike Lee‘s newest movie Chi-Raq for quite some time now, and today, they spilled the beans to THR that the company is indeed backing the awards-qualifying film. Lee and Amazon originally planned to premiere Chi-Raq at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, but they’re so hype about it, they’re now hoping to squeeze […]

From Zoolander to That Awkward Moment, movies have time and time again promoted all the joys of a good bromance. Ranging from over-the-top bachelor parties to over-the-top weddings, and all the way to over-the-top crime fighting, we’ve seen the ups and downs of bro-hood firsthand. In fact, because of movie bromances, we now know that guys also turn to […]

It’s almost here. The Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul will debut with a two night premiere on Feb. 8th and 9th at 10 p.m. EST on AMC. The show just released a new trailer – and it looks excellent. Watch above. More people will get to see The Interview, as Sony and Netflix have brokered a deal. The movie, […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies continues to kick ass at the box office, pulling in $41,420,000 this weekend to capture the number one spot. A lot of money was spent at the box office this holiday weekend, with Unbroken and Into The Woods both pulling in over $31 million. Check out the […]

If you haven’t heard of Poo Bear, don’t worry, you’ll probably start seeing a lot more from him soon. The singer/songwriter has worked with damn near everyone, including Justin Bieber, and he just dropped a video with a cameo from the young singer. The song “Work For It” is a smooth R&B track that the […]

Kim Jong-Un and his Defense Commission in North Korea are speaking out after the U.S. reportedly shut down the country’s internet service this week in response to North Korea hacking Sony. According to TMZ, the leader’s mouthpiece called President Obama a “monkey” for forcing the release of the controversial film The Interview, despite denying being involved in […]

When keeping it real goes wrong, you end up driving about an hour to fight a stranger because he thinks Kobe Bryant is washed. Two Twitter users got into some beef on Christmas Day over the question, “Are the Lakers better without Kobe Bryant?” Black Sports Online reports: @SnottieDippen (on the left) & @MyTweetsRealAF (on […]

After a month of cancellations and panic, Sony has decided to release The Interview. The company’s attorney David Boies said that The Interview will be released, just not in its original slot for Christmas Day. He revealed on NBC’s Meet The Press: “Sony only delayed this. Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed. It will be distributed.” The company […]

The Sony hack attack, over the movie The Interview, is still a big topic of discussion, and it’s definitely starting to rile up North Korea – even more now that the FBI is confirming that they are the ones behind it. While the agency has said that the North Korea’s government is causing havoc on the production […]

If you thought Olivia Pope was getting things done on Scandal, you’ll definitely be pleased to know what the woman who inspires Ms. Pope’s excellence is doing in real life! Judy Smith, the crisis guru, is currently taking on the Sony hack attack case, and has been advising Amy Pascal for the majority of the process. TMZ […]

On Thursday, the White House responded to the Sony hack blamed on North Korea, calling the act a “serious national security matter,” adding that the Obama administration was monitoring it very closely. The White House did, however, stop short of outright blaming North Korea. According to the Huffington Post: U.S. government sources said on Wednesday […]