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When keeping it real goes wrong, you end up driving about an hour to fight a stranger because he thinks Kobe Bryant is washed. Two Twitter users got into some beef on Christmas Day over the question, “Are the Lakers better without Kobe Bryant?”

Black Sports Online reports:

@SnottieDippen (on the left) & @MyTweetsRealAF (on the right). It started very simply over a disagreement not about Kobe (in the end though it is about Kobe and respect), but Russell Westbrook (the language is a little rough just an FYI). Mr. Drippen has a reputation of having the unique ability to get under people’s skin, so these type of conversations aren’t unusual for him.

Here’s how the Twitter beef started:

This is when things escalated.

About 35 minutes later…

They didn’t end up fighting because Twitter user Snottie Drippen was actually in Arizona with his mother on Christmas like a normal person. Meanwhile, someone else asked the best question ever:

Now back to your regularly scheduled movie news…

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies won at the box office, pulling in a whopping $6 million on Christmas Day. Coming in at number 2 was Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, while Annie was at number 3 with just over $2 million.

The Interview finally got its day in theaters, but on a much smaller scale. Seth Rogen surprised a few movie-goers by giving them some ups and making an announcement before an L.A. screening:

“There was a real chance that this wasn’t going to happen, which is really bizarre,” Rogen chuckled, a reference to Sony Pictures’ near-scuttling of the release following a series of devastating cyber-attacks on the studio, allegedly at the hands of the North Koreans. “But it did happen, because people like you seem to want it to happen and we really appreciate that. So honestly, thank you so much. We hope you liked it.”

SOURCE: Black Sports OnlineHollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Twitter

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