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From Zoolander to That Awkward Moment, movies have time and time again promoted all the joys of a good bromance.

Ranging from over-the-top bachelor parties to over-the-top weddings, and all the way to over-the-top crime fighting, we’ve seen the ups and downs of bro-hood firsthand. In fact, because of movie bromances, we now know that guys also turn to comfort food after a breakup.

In celebration of the films that brought us much hilarity and hunks, here’s a list of some of the best on-screen male friendships.


Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller just announced there will be another installment to this wonderful story of two men who just want to find out what more there is to life besides being ridiculously good looking.

Bad Boys

Nothing screams bromance more than two childhood-best-friends-turned-cops fighting crime. They have their arguments, but like any other pair, they always come back together.

Rush Hour

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are the yin and yang of crime fighting. Literally from separate worlds–one is from Hong Kong, the other is Cali bred–yet, throughout all their banter, they manage to have each other’s backs and get the job done – with a little help from Michael Jackson.

Wedding Crashers

This film takes partying and bullsh*t to the next level by chronicling two bros who make a living out of lying to women and crashing weddings.

Step Brothers

Though these two fellas got off on the wrong foot when their parents married–never forget that unfortunate drum set incident–they finally put their differences aside and realized they were better together than at odds.

21 & Over


If your friends didn’t sneak you out for a night of binge drinking and bad decision making on the eve of one of the biggest interviews of your life, they’re not really your bros–at least according to this movie in which Miller and Casey take Jeff Chang out for a night to remember.

The Hangover

The Hangover series pretty much ushered in a new era of bromances. There are face tattoos, tigers, random appearances by Mike Tyson, a missing groom and of course, bros helping each other through it all – the Wolf Pack.

21 Jump Street

Jenko and Schmidt are not really good at anything, but their bro-hood transcends all shortcomings. The pair go back to high school, inadvertently swap roles, and are able to take down a drug ring by working together.

The Internship

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn get back at it as a pair of ousted employees who now have to make a living in the digital age. They score internships at Google and it all seems to go downhill from there. Thankfully, they stick together and make it through.

That Awkward Moment

Miles Teller gets naked. His bro Zac Efron gets naked. His other bro Michael B. Jordan also gets naked, and other things happen.


Though this relationship has its ups and downs, with air bag stealing, noise-making, cop-calling, and a bathroom brawl, it all ends well when Mac and Teddy eventually work out their differences. The pair even model for Abercrombie and Fitch together.

The Interview

Nothing strengthens a bond between two guys than taking down one of the century’s most notorious dictators.


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