Today (April 15) marks the 40th birthday of actor, comedian and filmmaker Seth Rogen. Check out a gallery of some of our favorite scenes from the comedic genius.

Kiersey stopped by the Global Grind offices to chat about the flick - and she held nothing back.

Terrence J shocked a lot of his fans when he told the world he would be leaving E! News to become a full-time actor. Well now, we get a glimpse of him playing the leading role in the new movie The Perfect Match. The cast is filled with names you know, including Draya, Cassie Ventura, […]

“Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘N****r’ and ‘KKK’ All Over $50,000 Truck” #UniteBlue #LibCrib — Robin Simpson (@robin182zz) July 5, 2015 A Spring, Texas family who invited an African-American friend to stay with them was surprised to find their truck defaced with racial slurs, PEOPLE reports. Darren and Hayli Franke, who are White, had a Black […]

From Zoolander to That Awkward Moment, movies have time and time again promoted all the joys of a good bromance. Ranging from over-the-top bachelor parties to over-the-top weddings, and all the way to over-the-top crime fighting, we’ve seen the ups and downs of bro-hood firsthand. In fact, because of movie bromances, we now know that guys also turn to […]

2014 was a good year for movies, a worthy follow-up to the phenomenal 2013. Hollywood managed to touch on a range of emotions for movie-goers everywhere. The Fault In Our Stars had audiences in tears, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 had people ready to stand up to authority, and Selma had folks contemplating the […]


While attempting to find mental refuge from the guns of August and injustice overload, I decided to watch a comedy recently released on DVD. I like any movie starring Seth Rogen because it’s a sure shot of laughter that often uses jokes with various sub-culture references. The film Neighbors delivered the exact dose of funny I desperately needed until […]

Zac Efron and Dave Franco‘s friendship runs deep. The two actors play best friends in Seth Rogen‘s latest film Neighbors, who – after a bump in their friendship – come back together and let each other know: it’s bros before hoes. When the cast sat down with Sr. Entertainment Editor Xilla Valentine, he asked if there was ever a time when they chose a […]

(Above) Comedian and Host Chris Spencer, Russell Simmons, & All Def Comedy Live Executive Producer Jeru Tillman  It’s always a good time when film and comedy collide. Universal Pictures brought laughter to audiences at a special advanced screening of Neighbors last night. The company partnered with All Def Digital and Inside Jokes to host a comedy event […]