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Zac Efron and Dave Francos friendship runs deep.

The two actors play best friends in Seth Rogen‘s latest film Neighbors, who – after a bump in their friendship – come back together and let each other know: it’s bros before hoes.

When the cast sat down with Sr. Entertainment Editor Xilla Valentine, he asked if there was ever a time when they chose a girl over their homie and everyone said no. But what if that woman was Rihanna? The answer will surprise you.

While talking with the Neighbors cast, it became pretty clear they all got along very well. Newcomer Jerrod Carmichael told us shooting all the party scenes was awesome, but when it comes to his friends partying too hard, he’s the guy to hold it down.

“They’ve been through enough,” he said. “They’ve already called people they weren’t supposed to call, spilled three secrets at a party. At that point it’s like, leave them alone, give them some water.”

For more from Jerrod, Zac and Dave, check out the interview above. Neighbors is in theaters everywhere Friday.

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