In an interview with Marie Claire, Miley Cyrus admits that playing Hannah Montana forced her to be someone she wasn't comfortable with.

From Zoolander to That Awkward Moment, movies have time and time again promoted all the joys of a good bromance. Ranging from over-the-top bachelor parties to over-the-top weddings, and all the way to over-the-top crime fighting, we’ve seen the ups and downs of bro-hood firsthand. In fact, because of movie bromances, we now know that guys also turn to […]

Is it just us or are mothers in 2014 on an entirely different level? Throughout the past 24 hours Amber Rose has been bleeding our Instagram feed with bikini flicks and we don’t blame her because, well, her post-baby curves are flawless. Muva is celebrating with her friends of 20 years, as one by the name […]

James Franco is speaking out regarding Lindsay Lohan‘s list of people she’s allegedly had sex with, and you won’t believe what he has to say. Though Franco’s name landed on the list of Lindsay’s lovers, along with dozens of other well-known actors and musicians, he claims it’s not true. James says LiLo came onto him […]

Last night, Vin Diesel took to Facebook to honor his late friend and colleague, Paul Walker, and what he shared with the world is a gem. In a 20-minute clip, Vin and Paul Walker promote their Fast and the Furious film franchise, hang out, and share lots of laughs. In a message to fans, he explained: “You […]