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Group of friends playing with sparklers and fireworks on the beach at sunset.

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February is one of our favorite months and for some many reasons.

Not only is it Black History Month, it’s a time when couples all over the world are reminded to show their love and appreciation for Valentine’s Day. To top all that off, it’s also International Friendship Month, a lesser known commemoration that we are especially keen on celebrating this year. With the coronavirus pandemic pressing on, so many people have been immeasurably affected, as millions have died from the deadly virus. For about a year now, Americans have been wearing masks, doing our best to practice social distancing, while also working from home and having little-to-no contact with our loved ones. It’s been difficult, but we’ve continued to adjust — and we don’t know where we’d be without our friends (and Netflix).

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Staying connected with our favorite people looked a lot different this past year, but this time a part has really showed us who we can count on, if nothing else.

So, we’re looking forward to the day when we can get together again…

And celebrate how we used to.

For now, call your bestie and catch up — and take our quiz on who your celebrity BFF would be!