2021 continues to give 2020 a run for its money.

In an effort to spotlight more of the work being done by gifted Blacks everywhere, we will spotlight one person each week throughout the month of February. This week is dedicated to Brehanna Daniels, who is the first African American woman to become a NASCAR pit crew member. 

The streaming giant previously announced a new movie EVERY week in 2021 and now the full list of titles coming next month is available.

Hello February! Is it just us, or does it feel like January lasted longer than all of 2017. Some of us aren’t excited about the responsibilities that come with the first of the month: But others feel like January 2018 was a lifetime in itself: Are you team “Thank God January is done!” or “Ugh, […]

It’s the first of the month again (already), but not just any month — it’s Black History Month. There’s lots to be excited about this month, for the culture, including the highly anticipated release of Black Panther.   Other than that, we’ll let Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston tell it like it is when it […]