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Is it just us or are mothers in 2014 on an entirely different level?

Throughout the past 24 hours Amber Rose has been bleeding our Instagram feed with bikini flicks and we don’t blame her because, well, her post-baby curves are flawless.

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Muva is celebrating with her friends of 20 years, as one by the name of Janice prepares to leave the single life behind for good. As the girls drove go-karts, drank, and enjoyed the sun for Janice’s super dope bachelorette festivities, Amber looked like she was having a blast in her orange two piece.

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She captioned the sexy photo above:

Kiss my pretty bald headed ass 😘

Amber also shared a photo of from the set of her new movie “Sister Code,” giving props to one actress, Erica Ash, who she says is “the funniest girl in the game.”

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Check out more photos of her and her friends, in all of their bachelorette glor,y below. Because, why not?

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The girls put the pedal to the metal.

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Amber makes Janice wear a “penis veil.”


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