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Amber Rose wants y’all to know that just because you’ve seen her twerking her goodies all on Chris Brown‘s junk, does not mean she’s sleeping with him.

The RoseAndOno owner answered her haters by uploading an Instagram video from online personality Cardi B. The sketch explains it all:

In the video the stripper claims, “I hate when I take a picture with somebody famous or well-known, and y’all be like Oh I know he f*cked.’ ‘I know he hit it’ Famous people are not in style anymore. scammers, drug dealers and fat niggas are what’s in, duh!”

Amber also dropped two more selfies of her in bed alone to prove she’s not sleeping with anyone.

Meanwhile, rumors of Amber’s ex Wiz Khalifa dating former Flavor of Love winner Deelishis continue to grow. The reality star took to Instagram to prove she has a lot of ‘friends.’

Deelishis implied that just because she takes a picture with a man, doesn’t mean she is sleeping with him. Deelishis is “friends” with Big Sean, Quincy, Pooch Hall, and a bunch of other men, claiming she has too many – so stop guessing.


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