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The only thing bigger than Kanye West’s ego is his closet. Barely.

Radar Online has reportedly seen records with the Building and Safety Department of Hidden Hills, and they show that he’s got himself a 15-foot long closet. Allow that to soak in when you find yourself standing in front of your single clothing rack while you’re trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow morning.

Don’t feel too bad though, because Kim Kardashian’s kloset is only 12 feet long. Barely makes their 23-foot long dressing room worth it. Womp womp. She does, however, have her own spa bathroom, so there’s that.

Despite being the little girl who has everything—including a $62,000 diamond-encrusted tiaraNori does not have a ridiculously large closet of her own, but she does have a choice of five bedrooms to put her crib in, which we’re willing to bet will be bigger than your New York apartment alone.

But at least you have an Instagram-perfect view of the city skyline, amirite?

SOURCE: The Mirror | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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