Beyonce and Jay Z are now renting out a $45 million house in Los Angeles, which former L.A. Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt, is leasing.

Oh, you thought Kim Kardashian was a vain reality TV star who doesn’t really care about anything besides how good her butt looks in her form-fitting outfits and perfecting her selfies? Well, yeah, you’re kind of right. She is writing (we’re using that term loosely here) a book about said selfies titled Selfish. And of the thousands […]

The only thing bigger than Kanye West’s ego is his closet. Barely. Radar Online has reportedly seen records with the Building and Safety Department of Hidden Hills, and they show that he’s got himself a 15-foot long closet. Allow that to soak in when you find yourself standing in front of your single clothing rack while […]

Two hours. That’s how long we might’ve spent on Pinterest last night, pinning and repinning home decor ideas to boards titled “Home Sweet Home” and “Home is Where the Heart is.” But let’s take a glance at Lauren Conrad’s home. This is what Pinterest board dreams are made of. The newlywed let InStyle inside her crib, and it. […]

Chris Brown’s got 99 problems and now his neighbor is one. According to TMZ, the troubled R&B singer recently moved to an 8,000 square foot six bedroom home in the San Fernando Valley. The pricey party pad comes equipped with a commercial ice cream bar, built-in dance studio, billiard room, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. […]

Sway may not have the answers, but he did have tea time with Lady Gaga, something not many others can say. The singer gave MTV an exclusive tour of the New York City apartment she calls home, but is only renting because she’s “not ready to be a true grown up yet.” We know the feeling, girl. […]