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Oh, you thought Kim Kardashian was a vain reality TV star who doesn’t really care about anything besides how good her butt looks in her form-fitting outfits and perfecting her selfies?

Well, yeah, you’re kind of right. She is writing (we’re using that term loosely here) a book about said selfies titled Selfish. And of the thousands upon thousands she’s shared, even the one in which North West did not make the cut, she always has that same smize and stoic look on her face. But that’s just because not smiling makes her smile—and ward off the wrinkles. #Yeezytaughther.

After a very Kardashian Khristmas, Kim shared photos from the night, posting one on Instagram and revealing:

See I do smile… even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles @shammaurice

Now, Mrs. West has even more of a reason to smile, with news that she and Kanye bought the $2.9 million house adjacent to their $20 million Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles, E! News reports.

According to their source, the newly acquired estate is a “total tear-down,” although details on what the Kardashian-Wests plan to do with it remain unknown. It sits on 1.49 acres, which means they will own just under 4.5 acres of their Calabasas block once combined.

That’s a hell of a lot more closet space.

SOURCE: E! News | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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