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The deadly Indian tsunami reached its 10th anniversary today, with mourners honoring the quarter of a million people lost on Dec. 26, 2004. Over 230,000 died when a magnitude-9.1 earthquake hit over 12 countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. Diplomats, families of victims, and other world leaders took part in moments of silence to honor the lives lost from one of the history’s worst natural disasters. [AP

Police are freaking out in Hong Kong after an armored truck spilled $4.5 million onto the highway, with pedestrians grabbing as much cash as they could. The incident happened on Christmas Eve when the truck’s doors opened by accident. Police were able to hunt down two people who hid the money under their mattresses. A total of $733,256 has been found so far. [Gizmodo

So this happened. A man named after whiskey named his son after another noted drink of choice. Jack Daniels Leathers welcomed baby Jim Beam Leathers into the world last month. The 20-something couple said they talked baby names on their first date and Jim Beam was the winning name. After all, it makes sense: Jack was named after the whiskey to upset his grandparents, and he plans to do the same by naming his next son Evan Williams and his daughter Sherry. [AP


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