Mac Miller would have turned 30 today, and fans are remembering him for his classic sounds, caring personality and loving spirit. Today, we remember the admired rapper with 7 things you may not have known about Mac Miller.

Today is the one day of the year that Kanye West is justified in being all about Kanye West. This year, the hip hop icon marks a major milestone in his life, and after nearly 20 years in the game, we still can’t get enough of Yeezy (well, most of the time). Besides turning the […]

Interactions with deer range from distant admiration to trying to avoid them on a interstate highway. But don’t get it confused, the deer are out here…and if you don’t get out of their way, trust, you’ll get ran over. One man in British Columbia experienced this firsthand two Saturdays ago. Twenty-five-year-old Cary McCook was exiting a vehicle when he took […]

The Arizona State University basketball program is known for its well thought-out and bizarre "Curtain of Distraction" antics that cause the opposing team to miss shots, and Michael Phelps joining in on the fun only upped the ante.

Up until now, Thugger hasn't followed anyone on Instagram, but last night, he followed his first person.

Johnny Manziel, second-string quarterback for the NFL's Cleveland Browns, was caught arguing with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the side of the road when an onlooker called the cops.

Martha Stewart turns 74 today, and it’s safe to say she’s lived a hell of a life so far. She’s a businesswoman, author, television host, and bona-fide mogul. Despite her fall from grace after a highly publicized six-week jury trial and being found guilty in 2004 of felony charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making […]

Today is National Kissing Day, not to be confused with International Kissing Day, which according to Google is on July 6th. Still, people are kissing each other, with their eyes closed, open, the French way, the Roman way, and even the washing machine way. Here’s the thing though, if you’re going to be kissing someone, […]

Jaden Smith gets it. Last weekend he went to the prom dressed up as Batman because what else would he wear to an event that requires you to dress up? Every time we look, Jaden is doing something pretty damn interesting or amazing. He once stood on the wings of a Russian spaceship and waved. […]

I do not look like Xzibit. But ever since MTV aired a show by the name of Pimp My Ride, people walk up to me and say… Do you know who you look like? I entertain them, “No. Who?” “You look like Xzibit.” With that said, allow me to tell you how this post came […]

Police were baffled when they discovered that a Long Island man was using a wooden dummy to drive in the HOV lane. James Campbell was running late to his new job on Friday morning and decided to prop his wooden buddy in the car so he could ride separately from the main flow of traffic on […]