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I do not look like Xzibit. But ever since MTV aired a show by the name of Pimp My Ride, people walk up to me and say…

Do you know who you look like?

I entertain them, “No. Who?”

“You look like Xzibit.”

With that said, allow me to tell you how this post came about.

My friend and I were having a conversation the other day when she dropped the X to the Z bomb. I laughed and told her I was going to steal her car and send it back with a trap door that gives out macaroons and fro-yo when you press a button.

We started talking about some of the most ignorant stuff we’ve seen on MTV’s early 2000s hit show: a 30 foot inflatable projector screen in the trunk, 9 TVs on the inside car roof, a grind rail so you can skateboard on your ’95 whip with the candy paint job.

It got to a point where they were just doing stuff to do stuff. So, I scoured the internet to find 9 of the most ignorant and outlandish things Pimp My Ride put in people’s cars. I won’t front, back in the day I thought it was dope to have 17 TVs on the floor of a car with 100 speakers shoved inside the steering wheel. Now, not so much.

Let’s get ignorant in the gallery below.


“Pimp My Ride” – The Best Of The Worst
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