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Johnny Manziel, second-string quarterback for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, was caught arguing with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the side of the road when an onlooker called the cops. The caller told the operator, “It appears that the girl might be intoxicated.” In the background, you can clearly hear Manziel trying to calm Colleen down and the cops arrive soon after. Neither Money Manziel nor his seemingly intoxicated girlfriend were arrested, and they left the scene together. Read More.

An Australian “mommy blogger” is being accused of injecting her daughter with urine. The mother says she was trying to help her daughter, who was suffering from a genetic illness. Authorities say that urine was found in the girl’s veinous line and the mother was previously accused of laxative abuse. The child is well-known in the community, as she’s the face of several popular charities. Read More.

Grindr just got dangerous. A 40-year-old man from London named Stephen Port has been charged with the murder of four men he met on “gay dating websites.” His four victims are Daniel Whitworth, Jack Taylor, Gabriel Kovari, and Anthony Patrick Walgate, ranging in ages from 21 to 25. Read More.

We all do crazy things when we’re drunk. But wiping yourself with a court summons and throwing it at a police officer is next level. That’s what happened when a New Jersey man was released from police custody. But now he faces felony charges for subjecting an officer to “contact with a bodily fluid.” Read More.

SOURCEComplexGawkerNY Daily NewsTMZ | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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