These TikTok trends just keep getting better. Check out a gallery of our favorite videos from the viral "fight prank" TikTok trend inside. 

After his lady surprised him with a preganancy test, this father of three refused to believe that they had to buy and change more diapers.

As if parenting fails couldn’t get any worse. Check out this woman using her child as an umbrella as she rushes through a dark parking lot in search of her car.   I mean, I understand not wanting to get your hair wet but this is going overboard!

She references a piece of advice from her dad – "forget the rest and do your best" – and shares some words of wisdom from her Uncle Russell.

Chris Brown ain't here for the rumors. This weekend, the Royalty singer was hit with accusations that he gave his daughter asthma by smoking around her.

Tyga has taken many Ls this year, and now he might have to add another to his list.

Johnny Manziel, second-string quarterback for the NFL's Cleveland Browns, was caught arguing with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the side of the road when an onlooker called the cops.


Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison is under fire after stripping his sons of participation trophies they were awarded

David Beckham is nothing but smiles in the photo above, but was not so nice when addressing The Daily Mail's bad parenting accusations

Chris Brown appears to be displeased with the mother of his daughter, from the looks of his Twitter account. Last night, Brown took to social media (as he often does) to fire some shots at Nia Guzman, the mother of their child Royalty. C. Breezy had this to say: Damn. Chris’ reaction comes just days after Nia requested supervised […]


Tristan Powell, age 3, died after his father allegedly beat him because he wasn’t potty trained. Story on 11 News @ 6 — Doug Miller (@DougMillerKHOU) June 2, 2015 A 24-year-old father of two is facing the death penalty for allegedly beating one of his sons to death over a potty training accident. Anthony […]


We’ve all watched the humiliating videos of parents “teaching their kids” a lesson by giving them “old man” haircuts. And while they’ve garnered tons of attention online, the haircuts are a pretty embarrassing and extreme way to discipline children. Now, a Florida father is gaining attention for taking shaming videos to another level. His discipline trick? Don’t […]