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When record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps isn’t training for his gold medal sweep during the 2016 Rio games, he’s busy being a foul shot distraction.

The Arizona State University basketball program is known for its well thought-out and bizarre “Curtain of Distraction” antics that cause the opposing team to miss shots, and Michael Phelps joining in on the fun only upped the ante. When an Oregon State Beaver took to the free-throw line during the game last night, Phelps busted out from behind the curtain dressed in a bow-tie and speedo while rocking some of his gold medals. Surely, he couldn’t wear all 61 of ’em.

The plan obviously worked; Stephen Thompson Jr. missed both of his foul shots. Even the ASU coach was happy with Phelps’ involvement, saying he “made a major contribution to the game.”

Phelps must really like ASU. ESPN reports that he plans to work there as an assistant swim coach after his final Olympics appearance in Rio de Janeiro.


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