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A Kentucky police officer accidentally shot himself in an elevator on Friday in Cincinnati.

A video shows Officer Darryl Jouett of the Erlanger, KY police department entering an elevator with his wife, toting a box in one hand and trying to adjust his clothes with the other, when he accidentally shoots himself in the stomach.

Jouett was transitioning his holster and .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun, when he attempted to put the gun back into the holster before the shot rang off.

From the Huffington Post:

“He was transitioning the holster and transitioning the gun out of his holster. He was going to carry it in his hand as they walked to the car,” Cincinnati Capt. Michael John told WLWT. “As he was pulling the gun from the holster, a round discharged, ricocheted in the elevator, struck him in the stomach.”

The video shows Jouett falling to the ground and his wife on a cell phone calling for help. The officer was immediately taken to a local hospital. As of Monday, Jouett was recovering at home but has been instructed not to speak about the shooting.

“It’s very unusual. Obviously you have somebody that’s used to handling firearms,” John told the station. “It’s very unusual to see somebody discharge a firearm, accidentally, in a confined space like that. It’s very unusual.”

Ironically, Officer Jouett, a 25-year force veteran and ex-security guard, is the city of Erlanger’s code administrator and is responsible for the enforcement of the City’s Codes and Ordinances, which have been adopted over the years to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of residences.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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