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But first, lemme take a selfie. And then another selfie. And then another selfie.

That’s pretty much how Lady Gaga has been operating as of late, and you might’ve noticed if you’re one of her 4.8 million Instagram followers. Not because she loves a good selfie at Kim K levels, but probably more so because she loves the big bucks they’re bringing her.

Mother Monster temporarily put her claws down to pick up her camera phone for Shiseido. She’s the face of the Japanese beauty brand, for which she’s acting as photographer for as well, by shooting herself for the new campaign. The campaign photos—all 50 of them—will also appear in Japanese publications.

Shiseido has no plans to run the campaign here in the States, but they’re on Gaga’s account for your double-tapping pleasure, each one with captions such as:

Friendship is only friendship when it is real. Passionate and relentless. Forgiving and joyful. Don’t forget today to have real moments with your friends. Not a text, or a tweet, an Instagram– that’s all deceit. Hold real hands, kiss genuine lips, be a truly strong human force.

Thanks, Gaga.