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You might wanna drop that alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest study on binge drinking has revealed a little more than just underlying facts about alcohol poisoning.

The study’s findings revealed that six people die a day from alcohol poisoning in the U.S., with 76 percent of victims being white middle-aged men. According to CNN:

In what the CDC said was a surprise, it found that white men between the ages of 35 and 64 are dying most often from alcohol poisoning. American Indians/Alaska Natives have the most alcohol poisoning deaths per million people, according to the report. Alaska has the most alcohol poisoning deaths per million people, while Alabama has the least.

Thirty percent of the people who died were considered alcoholics.

The numbers come as a shock to many, since college students have been the poster children for binge drinking. The CDC also points out that binge drinking differentiates between men and women. Drinking four or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting for women is considered binge drinking, while the number rises to five or more drinks for men.

Some brave spirits admitted to breaking the average by confessing to drinking an amount of eight beverages in one sitting–about four times a month.

In 2015, let’s all make an effort to think before we sip.


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