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Old-school Philadelphia rapper Cool C, real name Christopher Douglass Roney, was set to be executed today.

However Cool C, best known for his 1988 hits “I Gotta Habit” and “Glamorous Life,” was saved by an emergency stay of execution courtesy of Judge L. Felipe Restrepo. This was the second time Cool C has been granted a stay; he was first supposed to be executed on March 9, 2006.

Cool C, who is 45, has spent the last 19 years in prison for shooting and killing female police officer Lauretha Vaird on January 2, 1996. (Interesting but sad fact: Vaird was the first Philadelphia female officer to be shot and killed on duty.)

On that fateful day, Roney, Ernest Canty, and Warren McGlone, who was also a rapper named Steady B, were robbing a bank when Vaird entered the scene. Cool C shot her, and the three men ran out of the bank. Canty and McGlone confessed to the crime, and they flipped on C.

Till this day, Cool C claims he’s innocent.

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