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There’s a good chance your favorite rapper walked into 320 West 37th Street and took the elevator up to the fourth floor.

There stood the greatest hip-hop studio of all time: D&D Studios. This was the studio where rappers like Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Black Moon, Talib Kweli, Slaughterhouse, and more created certified classics.

The studio, however, is most closely associated with the legendary DJ Premier. For more than 20 years, D&D became home base for the producer. He first worked in the studio in 1991, while helping out on Lord Finesse’s Return of the Funky Technique album.

By 2003, he literally owned the place after he bought it from Douglas Grama and David Lotwin. He then renamed it HeadQCourterz after friend Kenneth “HeadQCourterz” Walker, who was killed in 2002.

But it was always going to be D&D. And now D&D Studios is no more.

The studio officially closed its doors on Wednesday to make room for new luxury houses. DJ Premier will now work out of Queens-based Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Let’s honor D&D by looking at a quick history of DJ Premier and the place he called home for more than 20 years.


A Brief History Of The Infamous D&D Studios (PHOTOS)
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