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It’s no secret that rappers and mainstream media have a love/hate relationship.

The rapper/mainstream media beef has been going on for years; whether it’s a heated debate about marijuana legalization (like the one between Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz), or a disagreement about politics (like 50 Cent and Bill O’Reilly), many news anchors and the like don’t quite understand hip-hop culture; and they aren’t afraid to express it.

Check out our list of rappers versus, well, pretty much every hip-hop-hating media person:

10. Wale vs. Matt Devlin

Back in 2013, Wale decided to confront Toronto Raptors commentator Matt Devlin right in the middle of a Raptors vs. Wizards game after the commentator reportedly said:

“Rudy Gay with the 3, and you see his reaction … and a fan heckling him. And supposedly, this fan is a well-known local rapper. I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve ever heard of Wale. He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.”

9. Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O’Reilly 

Bill O’Reilly and Lupe Fiasco went at it on O’Reilly’s show in 2011. O’Reilly defended Obama continuing the war in Iraq and Fiasco criticized him. Bill was supposedly offended that the rapper called Obama a “terrorist.”

8. 50 Cent vs. Oprah Winfrey

This is not Oprah’s first rap beef. The media mogul has been accused of hating rappers for most of her career. 50 Cent went so far as to say, “[Oprah] caters to old white women and rarely invites rappers on her show.”

50 and Oprah have since buried the beef.

7. Common vs. Sarah Palin

After First Lady Michelle Obama invited Common to a poetry night at the White House, Conservatives felt that he was too controversial a guest. One hater in particular was Sarah Palin, who tweeted the link about Common being invited to the White House with the caption, “Oh lovely, White House.” Of course, he responded: “So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn’t like me.”

6. Talib Kweli vs. Don Lemon 

In August of last year, Talib Kweli nearly walked out of an interview with CNN journalist Don Lemon over the channel’s Ferguson coverage. Kweli became furious at Lemon’s statements, saying:

“I felt like it was important for me to be here and control the narrative, because the media has been doing a horrible job of making sure that the stories get out in the right way.”

5. Killer Mike vs. Darren Wilson Verdict (with Brooke Bailey)

Killer Mike broke down at one of his shows once the Ferguson decision was announced. After the show, he had an emotional sit-down with CNN’s Brooke Bailey. They didn’t have beef per se, but the Darren Wilson verdict had Mike on edge.

4. Ludacris vs. Bill O’Reilly 

Ludacris’ controversial comments in his track “Obama is Here” added onto some of O’Reilly’s past statements about the Prez created a full-on feud. O’Reilly went so far as to ask Americans to boycott Pepsi because of their association with the rapper. Pepsi dropped Luda after the incident.

3. David Banner on CNN

David Banner joined Don Lemon and a few other guests to discuss violence against black teens. He didn’t attack Lemon, but the conversation got pretty intense.

2. Cam’ron vs. Bill O’Reilly

Cam’ron and Dame Dash asking Bill O’Reilly if he’s mad had to be the funniest hip-hop/media beef in history. Until…

1. 2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace 

No one expected the interview between 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace about marijuana legalization to be so epically funny. But watch above instead of taking our word for it.


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