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People think the world loves Beyoncé because she’s perfect.

But Blue Ivy‘s mama will tell you herself even she isn’t flawless. Still, that’s where we jump in and remind everyone Baddie Bey is certainly the closest thing to it.

Let’s set the record straight: We love Bey because she manages to live up to – and surpass – her haters’ super unrealistic expectations, and look good while doing so. But mostly, it’s because even when she’s chillin’ and gets a little ratchet on us, somehow she’s equally as intoxicating.

As we pondered our love for the worldwide superstar (our average Thursday), we realized that while sitting courtside with her hubby Jay, Beyoncé’s quietly showed us the many different sides to her charming personality. Thus, secretly providing the blueprint for why we love her so.

Get a dose of Yoncé, Bey, and Sasha Fierce all in one in the gallery of her best courtside moments below.


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