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It’s hard to resist the tempation of some good chicken and biscuits, but one bank robber has learned his lesson of self-control.

According to the Associate Press, a suspect, who had escaped after bank robbery, was arrested once he was caught at a local restaurant getting some chicken and biscuits, which was just two blocks away.

Shane Lindsey was caught by officials just 20 minutes after executing a heist at Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington on Wednesday.

The site reports:

Police tell the (Tarentum) Valley News Dispatch that witnesses saw a bald man matching Lindsey’s description run toward a restaurant after the heist. Police knew the business had surveillance video and went inside to view it hoping for clues as to where the suspect went – only to find Lindsey eating at a booth.

Police say the video showed the suspect run past the restaurant and then pause before coming back and going inside.

It looks like this guy will think twice before stopping for food next time.


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