21 Savage isn’t playing games in his new music video for “Bank Account.” Him and his shooters take over a whole building, and bad luck has it that Mike Epps is around during the big heist. Watch how the comedian handles the situation in the video below.

It’s hard to resist the tempation of some good chicken and biscuits, but one bank robber has learned his lesson of self-control. According to the Associate Press, a suspect, who had escaped after bank robbery, was arrested once he was caught at a local restaurant getting some chicken and biscuits, which was just two blocks […]


When we think of a casino heist, the first thing that comes to mind is a handsome George Clooney and his clan of intelligent bandits. But a recent heist in Atlantic City, New Jersey was a little disappointing — Clooney and crew didn’t make an appearance. However, the two masked thieves that robbed Caesars Atlantic City at gunpoint […]