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The only days Kendall Jenner makes major model moves are the ones that end in ‘Y.’ Just yesterday, she appeared in her first beauty brand ad and another spread in Vogue—this after Marie Claire cover and Marc Jacobs campaign. Up next? A Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for Karl Lagerfeld.

Rumor had it this would happen, but today the designer revealed he recruited the model of the moment for #TeamKarl via Instagram.

In the 10-second video up top, Uncle Karl takes us behind the scenes of a photoshoot for his namesake line, in which Kendall rocks full bangs and an array of brightly colored accessories, including sunglasses and handbags.

But first, Kaiser Karl lets her take a selfie with him, which is honestly the highlight of the clip considering how much he’s said he hates them in the past. Welcome to the dark side, Karl.


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