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KFC has found a new way to lure people into the restaurant with their latest invention…the Double Down Dog!

The chicken spot that brought you the Double Down is taking it a step further with the hot dog version of its infamous sandwich. It’s a hot dog wrapped in cheese-stuffed chicken bread.

Yes, KFC loves using chicken for bread. If you remember, the fast food chain last introduced the KFC Zinger Double Down King, which was a bacon burger with cheese and chicken patties for bread.

This is their answer to customers cutting back on carbs, according to Business Insider, a trend that’s been taking over the globe.

As of now, the sandwich is only available in the Philippines.

The sandwich is apparently rather tasty; one person who actually tried it Instagrammed a photo of his treat, saying he’s been craving another one for the last three days.

Would you try the Double Down Dog?

SOURCE: Business Insider | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter, Instagram

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