Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to those who choose to celebrate today! There are a million ways to celebrate Christmas and here's a list comprised of 5 of the world's strangest Christmas traditions.

KFC lovers in the UK and Ireland had to get their chicken fix elsewhere over the weekend, as TIME reports that a shortage of chicken forced hundreds of KFC branches to close. “KFC first apologized for the problems on Saturday. In an update Monday, it listed almost 300 stores as open, but did not say when […]

And the award for most clever social media strategy goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The food chain is currently only following 11 people on Twitter — but why is that such a big deal? Well, whoever is in charge of KFC’s account found the most ingenious way to stick to the company’s slogan of “11 […]

These restaurants are reaching. KFC is taking its slogan "Finger Lickin' Good" into the cosmetics world.

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This is what happens when bad chicken happens to good people.

What would you do if you found that in your KFC meal? Devorise Dixon, 25, claimed to have found a rat in his three-piece tender meal from a KFC in Wilmington, California. Unfortunately, he discovered this after taking a bite out of the strangely shaped tender, Gawker reports. “As I bit into it I noticed […]

KFC has found a new way to lure people into the restaurant with their latest invention…the Double Down Dog! The chicken spot that brought you the Double Down is taking it a step further with the hot dog version of its infamous sandwich. It’s a hot dog wrapped in cheese-stuffed chicken bread. Yes, KFC loves […]

President Barack Obama released a statement on Saturday saying that airstrikes in Iraq will continue for as long as necessary to protect both U.S personnel and religious minorities who are trapped on a mountain by militants in northern Iraq. Shortly before leaving for a family vacation, Obama said in the White House: “I’m not going to give […]

The family of Victoria Wilcher, the 3-year-old girl who was severely attacked by pitbulls, is turning down KFC’s money after being allegedly escorted from the fast-food chain restaurant since she was “scaring customers.” After the incident was reported as a hoax, Wilcher’s family turned down a donation of $30,000, which was meant to cover Victoria’s medical bills. […]


Finger-lickin’ good? We’re sure this family didn’t think so when they decided to order chicken from KFC – only to find a deep-fried paper towel in their food instead. Krystal Henderson, 29, and her 7-year-old stepson Oliver Hallam purchased takeout from a KFC in Killingsworth, England, only to find out that what they bought wasn’t chicken at […]