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Finger-lickin’ good?

We’re sure this family didn’t think so when they decided to order chicken from KFC – only to find a deep-fried paper towel in their food instead.

Krystal Henderson, 29, and her 7-year-old stepson Oliver Hallam purchased takeout from a KFC in Killingsworth, England, only to find out that what they bought wasn’t chicken at all. Little Oliver took a bite out of what he assumed was meat, but quickly recoiled when he realized he had bit into a deep-fried blue paper towel. 

Henderson was traumatized and immediately went back to the fast food chain to make one hell of a complaint.

“He pulled it out of his mouth and when he did, it pulled away the batter – you could see the blue roll inside,” Henderson said. “If it was bad chicken they might have just had a bad batch or something,” she said. “But the blue roll could have been used for anything – it could have bleach or disinfectant on it … Had someone wiped their hands on it, had it been used to wipe the floor?”

KFC investigated the incident and issued an apology to Henderson and Hallam. A spokesperson for KFC made the following statement:

We’re very sorry for Ms. Henderson’s experience and apologized to her immediately, as well as giving her a refund at the time of the incident.

We take food quality and hygiene very seriously and unfortunately, on this extremely rare occasion, our restaurant failed to meet the high standards that both we and our customers expect.

We have retrained staff on our stringent food preparation procedures at this store to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The fast food giant also offered Henderson a free meal as compensation for her troubles. Free meal or not, we’re sure she won’t want to eat there ever again.

And after reading this, you probably won’t either.

SOURCE: HuffPost | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab

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