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The excitement has been building, building, building before Fifty Shades of Grey finally hits theaters February 13. Nearly two weeks prior, though, Glamour magazine brings its stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan out of the Red Room and onto the cover of their February issue.

On it, they channel their inner Anastasia and Christian and hold each other tightly (hello, biceps!). Inside, the on-screen couple opens up about what went down behind closed doors and behind the scenes.

Despite the sexual chemistry we’ll be seeing on the silver screen, Jamie is a married man and new dad. But still, he was very committed to learning the ins-and-outs of his character’s closeted sadism.

“In that six weeks before filming, my daughter was born. It was just an insane time. For research, one rainy Tuesday evening, I kissed the wife and baby good night and went to watch a dominant-submissive session in a dungeon. The dominant was our sort of adviser on the job. He’d be on hand anytime there was a scene in the Red Room [Christian’s playroom for BDSM, bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism], to say, “You’re doing that wrong.” So I watched him do his thing…. It was quite jovial, a very different approach to how I saw Christian being in the Red Room. I think Christian takes it a bit more seriously,” he said.

You think? On describing what it was like to film in the Red Room, they said:

DAKOTA: The scenes in that room were definitely the most vulnerable scenes in the movie. But it was a very closed set—my mom told me that it’s my right to ask for that during intimate scenes, so it seemed like [Jamie and Sam and I] were in this little world together.

JAMIE: Some of the Red Room stuff was uncomfortable. There were times when Dakota was not wearing much, and I had to do stuff to her that I’d never choose to do to a woman.

DAKOTA: It’s stressful enough to be tied to a bed naked in a scene. But then they call cut, and you’re still tied to the bed, naked. Jamie would be the first one to throw a blanket over me.

What a gentleman. For more, pick up a copy of Glamour on February 10.

SOURCE: Glamour | PHOTO CREDIT: Steven Pan

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