This Valentine's Day, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan return as Mr. and Mrs. Grey in 'Fifty Shades Freed.'

Global Grind traveled to Los Angeles, California to interview the cast of Warner Bros’ new movie How To Be Single, starring Dakota Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Alison Brie, Rebel Wilson, Ander Holms and more. The movie tells the story of New York City’s lonely hearts seeking the right match. What Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all […]

On this episode of Extra Butter, we take an all-access look into Black Mass, and Johnny talks about giving it all to his cast members

Michelle Rodriguez has found herself in a bit of controversy lately. The Fast & Furious star called out Hollywood for casting minorities in superhero roles that were originally made for white people. She said: I think it’s so stupid… because of this whole, like, ‘minorities in Hollywood’ thing… it’s so stupid, it’s, like, stop stealing all the […]

As if we didn’t expect this would happen… One overly excited moviegoer was arrested after she was caught masturbating while watching Fifty Shades of Grey, according to new reports. The 33-year-old woman was caught in the act at a theatre in Sinaloa, western Mexico. NYDailyNews reports: She was noticed by other cinemagoers and reported. It […]

The excitement has been building, building, building before Fifty Shades of Grey finally hits theaters February 13. Nearly two weeks prior, though, Glamour magazine brings its stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan out of the Red Room and onto the cover of their February issue. On it, they channel their inner Anastasia and Christian and hold each other tightly (hello, […]

In an effort to shed light on racist voting barriers in past elections, a recently published video shows that not even Harvard students could pass the 1964 literacy test. What’s more interesting is you probably wouldn’t be able to pass it either. Take the Selma Literacy Test and find out by clicking here. Also, watch […]

If you keep up with the Kardashian family like most of us do, then you’re probably familiar with Rob Kardashian‘s struggle with depression. In a new clip previewing next week’s episode of KUWTK, momager Kris Jenner has a mini-breakdown while talking to Kim Kardashian about her son, Rob, as they vacation in Thailand. On a much lighter […]

Steamy. Sexy. Forbidden. Those are the words that describe the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that dropped today. Add in Bey’s sensual vocals, the slow “uh oh’s” from a sexed up version of her 2003 hit single “Crazy In Love,” and we may have one of the most anticipated movies of all time on our […]