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If you keep up with the Kardashian family like most of us do, then you’re probably familiar with Rob Kardashian‘s struggle with depression.

In a new clip previewing next week’s episode of KUWTK, momager Kris Jenner has a mini-breakdown while talking to Kim Kardashian about her son, Rob, as they vacation in Thailand.

On a much lighter note, another clip was released from the episode, showing Brody Jenner feeling really awkward after catching Kim take a sexy selfie in her room.

Check out the clips above and below!

The premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead isn’t until October 12th, but we’re getting a tease now as the first trailer has hit the ‘net!

The people over at Comic-Con released it, and fans have been going nuts trying to put the pieces together in the preview.

Check out the trailer above!

Lena Dunham always seems to be saying something crazy, whether fans approve or not!

The Girls star revealed on Twitter that she recently went on a walking tour in NYC, which in her words, is really a tour of “every place” she “pretended to do cocaine to impress a guy.”

She tweeted:


Dakota Johnson is ready to become a huge Hollywood sensation as she’s gearing up for the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey, due in theaters next year.

The star of the film sat down on the Today Show, where she compared her performance in the film’s sex scenes to acrobatics! She told the host:

“It’s more about visually what our bodies look like and what we’re doing, so it’s more of like a dance. It’s like acrobatics.”

We can definitely get with that, Dakota.

Game Of Thrones is one of the most intense shows on television these days, but filming it isn’t always so dramatic.

A new compilation of bloopers was released to the web, showing the actors of the hit series cracking up in the middle of acting. It also shows lots of things going wrong on set!

Check out the hilarity above!


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