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A Justin Bieber fan almost broke her neck recently while trying to meet the superstar in L.A. on Friday.

Apparently, the fan spotted The Biebs stopping to talk to Larry King and tried to catch up with him, jumping out of her mom’s car to go say hello. But just as she got close, Bieber sped off and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Gossip Cop reports:

The girl then ran back to her mom’s car to give chase to The Biebs. Unfortunately, the mom, while trying to help her daughter meet Bieber, started to speed away without realizing the girl was trying to get back into the vehicle, and the young fan tumbled from the car and onto the street

Wow. That had to hurt. Click here to see the photos.

According to the latest, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have not only agreed to fight, they’ve agreed to a time and place as well.

TMZ dishes:

The two sides had been trying to hammer out a deal for a while to square off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2nd.

And continues:

A source involved in the negotiations tells TMZ Sports both fighters have agreed to fight and a date and location (Vegas) have already been set.

The source says the formal agreement has not been signed but everyone expects the signatures “soon.” Negotiators are putting “finishing touches” on the deal.

This should be a good one. Will you be tuning in?

Miley Cyrus is at it again.

In new photos she posted to Instagram, the pop princess bares her boobs… well, sort of. Though her nipples are covered by hearts and flowers, Miley is showing a lot – and all while she’s kicking back with Sky Ferreira.

Check out the photo above.

The First Lady loved American Sniper, despite the controversy surrounding the box office hit. While at an event in Washington, D.C. on Friday Michelle Obama praised the film.

Us Magazine reports:

President Obama‘s wife addressed a crowd that included star Bradley Cooper as a part of the launch of the 6 Certified program at National Geographic Society. Michelle, 51, focused her speech on veterans and how they’re portrayed in entertainment and media, specifically bringing attention to American Sniper.

The First Lady went on to say:

“Today, I’m calling on all of you and folks across the entertainment industry to change the conversation about our veterans and military families,” she began. “Give us the full story… I’m not saying that you should tell these stories just because it’s the nice thing to do or the right thing to do. You should do it because these are good stories, period. They make for tremendous TV and movies that people want to see. So these stories are good for business as well.”

“Just look at the latest box office numbers,” Michelle continued. “The number-one movie in America right now is a complex, emotional depiction of a veteran and his family. And I had a chance to see American Sniper this week on that long flight and while I know there have been critics, I felt that, more often than not, this film touches on many of the emotions and experiences that I’ve heard firsthand from military families over these past few years.”

What are your thoughts?

If you’re in the New York area and you’re looking for a place to watch the big game, check out this Super Bowl viewing event hosted by Angela Yee at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine.

We hope to see you there!

SOURCE: Gossip Cop, TMZ, Us Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash, Getty