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Shakira, Shakira. She makes a man want to speak Spanish, and makes a woman want to spend all day practicing in front of the mirror to perfect the art of the body roll—an art that she has mastered.

With a thrust of her pelvis, the Colombian beauty has gyrated her way into our hearts as one of the hottest mamas around—she just gave birth to her second son last week. Today, she turns 38 but with moves like hers, you’d never guess it.

The “She Wolf” can shimmy, shake, and slither around with ease, so in honor of her birthday, we’re celebrating her gifts that never stop giving: those hips.

They’ve never ever lied.

Like, ever!

She can bring ’em arooouuund town.

And roll ’em up and down.

Hello, body roll.

A little shimmy here.

A little shake there.

Even a thrust or two.

She has a leg up on the competition. Literally.

Andddd a butt up, too.

It’s the real MVP.

We need a breather.

Stop and wiggle with it.

It’s a head-to-toe kind of thing.

Like, her hips pretty much defy gravity.

She makes it look so easy.

Way, way too easy.

Like, nbd, right?

Actually, yeah. Big deal, Shakira.

Very few others can match her moves.

Beyoncé being one of them.

Because of course she is.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous.

How they wind it up…

…And slither in sync.

Even their hair flips are on fleek at the same damn time.

It’s slight work for her, though.

As simple as a bend and snap.

Is there a YouTube tutorial for this?

Also, this.

Wait, is this a sideways-moonwalk-hip-shake?


¡Feliz cumpleaños, Shakira! *yodels*


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