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Rihanna wasn’t the only person who was “FourFiveSeconds” from wildin’. We’ve done almost everything except drop down to our knees to beg for new music, and at long last, Ri delivered last week with the first single from her new album R8.

Today, RiRi follows up the release with visuals directed by duo Inez and Vinoodh. Just like the song, the video is simple yet delivers a punch of emotion. At first, it’s a vocally robust tune set to Paul McCartney’s guitar, but when you really listen closely, there’s a whole lot of aggression and do-not-eff-with-me-goodness paired with a sassy and teary-eyed Rihanna and a pensive Kanye.

There are no elaborate set-ups or costume changes—in fact, there aren’t any—but that doesn’t mean the video lacked some style trends from the fashion icon herself.

Denim On Denim Deluxe

Between the three of them, there was, like 50 shades and weights of denim. The Beatle kept it classic and refined in darker pieces, while Ye wore his ripped and distressed. Lately, the Bad Gal has been all about denim: the bigger and baggier, the better. Because there’s always an element of sex appeal in Rihanna’s ensembles, not only did she wear one of West’s very own jean jackets (vintage Sean John, take that, take that), she kept it unbuttoned and cinched at the waist with a belt. Be right back while we go raid our boyfriends’ closets while you shop other Sean John styles here, here and here.

Bushy Brows

Call it the Cara influence? Eyebrows truly can make or break a face, and in a time when everyone is so obsessed with those babies being #onfleek, Rihanna took the road less groomed and still looked damn good, to be honest. But, again, being honest, we’re itching to pick up the tweezers ourselves.

Shimmery Eyeshadow

We can, however, get behind her glistening eyelids. Although the wardrobe was more on the nitty-gritty side, Rihanna still had just a slight touch of glam. The shimmer was packed on heavy, the perfect contrast to her otherwise relaxed look. You know her, though—always shining bright someway, somehow.

Combat Boots

These boots were made for the military, but never mind that. McCartney missed the memo, but both Rih and Ye stomped around with their baggy bottoms tucked into their tactical boots. They aren’t the first to rock ’em, though (Shia LaBeouf has the same pair), and like every other thing these icons touch, they certainly won’t be the last. Similar boots can be purchased online.

Paul McCartney

No, he isn’t a trend in the style sense, but ever since linking up with Mr. West on his “Only One” single, he’s become a trending topic thanks to those who are equal parts shocked and excited by their collaboration, and those who had no idea who he was—kids these days. Paul may not be as big as he was back in his heyday (The Beatles were THE original pop stars), but 2015 is already shaping up to be a big year for him.


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