TikTok is doing a great job of bridging the gap of music. Check out the classic songs by Black artists that have had a sudden resurgence.

By now, many of us have heard of NFTs, but most people have no idea what a non-fungible token is and how to profit from the growing industry. Discover more about the NFT marketplace, trends, controversies and how little known artists are still finding ways to profit. Read more inside.

More people gravitated to TikTok this year, making it the most visited website over Google. This year brought some of the social media platform's biggest and outrageous trends. We rounded up a list of the most popular TikTok trends of 2021. Take a look inside.

Take a look inside these special, intimate celebrity quarantine weddings. 

It’s that time of year again to bring out all things pumpkin spice, watch your favorite television shows and step up your fashion game. This fall season, the 90’s are making a comeback in a major way. So if you want to be all that and a bag of chips this Autumn, revisit some of […]

Folks on the Internet are trying to play their dogs for a fool and it’s not working out as they’d hope. The #WhatTheFluffChallenge has surfaced online and it involves dog owners hiding behind a large sheet in a door frame, while their dog watches on. They assure their dog that they’re the ones holding up […]

If you were a fan of Heelys back in the day and miss them like a dear friend, some new gear might be right for you. Scooter company Razor is taking the idea of heels with wheels and updating it for 2018. Their new product, Turbo Jetts, uses a battery powered motor to propel people […]

Festival season; hard to believe it's here already, isn't it?

For the past 20 minutes I sat at my desk, going through thousands of pictures and trying to find the image of this burger I had while I was in Austin, Texas. It was a delicious creator that became much more than your ordinary when an evil culinary genius decided to serve an all beef patty between […]

Teens all around the world are posting videos of themselves transforming from “ugly” to “beautiful” for a new viral trend called the “Don’t Judge Challenge.” The videos are all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, showing teens with over-drawn unibrows, drawn-on acne, and glasses…then, with a flick of the wrist, they turn “attractive.” The thing is, […]