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For the past 20 minutes I sat at my desk, going through thousands of pictures and trying to find the image of this burger I had while I was in Austin, Texas. It was a delicious creator that became much more than your ordinary when an evil culinary genius decided to serve an all beef patty between two donuts with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, fried onion strings, and bacon.

It was insanity. Somewhere in America, someone is going through the exact same thing I just did, because it’s #NationalBurgerDay. I’m not sure when August 27th became anything besides the day after my sister’s birthday, but I know because a Twitter hashtag tells me so. But honestly, all these national days are starting to piss me off.

National Hot Dog Day, National Chicken Wing Day, National Dog Day, National Earphone Day. I’m declaring tomorrow #NationalAllTheseNationalDaysSuckDay.

My good friend Vicky, who is one of the most rational and well-organized people I know, doesn’t agree with me. She says #NationalDays give her something to look forward to on a random shitty Tuesday and as long as it gives her an excuse to eat good food and post pictures of animals, she’s not mad at it.

Fair enough, but I don’t like the idea of someone deciding to make this shitty Tuesday all about a shitty car part. #NationalWindShieldWiperDay. Alright, I’m being dramatic, but I feel like we’ve had 17 National Burger Days already this year.

Besides, who gets to make these days up? Is there an office where I can register a day? Because I definitely want to make #NationalCactusJackDay happen, but I digress. Each day I feel like I missed a memo telling everyone about a soiree where we will discuss which item we’re going to celebrate on which day. We’d all have to vote on it, there will be one person who goes extra hard and throws a tantrum because they don’t get their way, and that person would probably be me.

I’m skeptical of these national days because I’m not sure if they are the brain child of Donald Trump’s weave or some other felonious character.

Vicky sent me a link saying any ol’ person can just decide it’s a national day. That means that creepy guy at your job can just say today is National Paper Cut Day. Via BostInno:

“But the question is whether anybody else will observe it,” says Holly McGuire, editor-in-chief of Chase’s Calendar of Events. “If you or your company/organization are serious about it, McGuire says the best way is to get the day governmentally recognized in some way or another: whether it be state legislature, mayoral proclamation or city council notice. Then get your idea promoted and out there in the world, such as with press releases or media mentions.

Most important, aim to get a following: create a Facebook page, Twitter handle, website and create events surrounding your day/week/month. Make it big, be committed to observing it every year and get as many people into it as you can.

So again, I’m taking this moment to declare tomorrow #NationalAllTheseNationalDaysSuckDay. Let’s retweet it and shout it from every social media platform – because these national days are getting a little out of control.

I’m not ready for National Booster Shot Day.



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