A White couple gave birth to two Black twin girls using in vitro fertilization. Internet onlookers are outraged after realizing the couple specifically chose two Black embryos and Black sperm to have the children. Read more details and reactions inside.

Scamming has become a hot topic this month thanks to a few viral stories that flooded the Internet. One story in particular caught the eye of writer and television producer, Shonda Rhimes. Netflix released the trailer for Shonda Rhimes’ newest series, Inventing Anna and announced its premiere date next year.

Singer and actress, Chloe Bailey, posted a sultry video on social media this morning (Nov. 11), thanking her fans and announcing that there is more to come. It caused a significant response on the Internet, and let's just say fans are not reacting the way she probably anticipated upon posting. 

A clip of one unlikely trio has gone viral and it includes actor Leonardo DiCaprio, tech giant Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez at the Art+Film Gala on Saturday, Nov. 6. Take a look at the viral video that has fans interested in Bezos’ personal affairs.

There was a viral video that swarmed the Internet last week of this high school graduate throwing over ten thousand dollars into the crowd of his fellow graduates. That high school graduate is 18- year-old Atlanta rapper Metro Marrs, who dropped the leading track "Prosper" from his upcoming debut mixtape.

Some of the biggest names were honored at this year’s 25th Annual Webby Awards hosted by actress and activist Jameela Jamil. See the full list of winners who were recognized for discovering creative and innovative ways to use the Internet to keep the world connected during the pandemic.

We are celebrating the best troll on the net today with a series of Lil Nas X's most unapologetic and entertaining tweets. Happy Birthday, Montero! 

Actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown partners with the Calm app. Brown is famous for her calming and reassuring voice, and fans have been begging for this collaboration ever since the star's initial viral vegan videos touched the Internet. 

In this day and age of the internet, everyone is trying to go viral and make a name for themselves. But Jay Versace proves that when you have ‘IT,’ the attention makes its way to you. The 22-year-old internet star got his start on Vine a few years back with his hilarious impersonations of classic […]

For nearly ten years, Drake‘s whole steez has been to appease to women. Sure, he can spit a fire 16, but at the same time, he can release a track that soon becomes every girl’s anthem — whether they’re Black, White, single, taken or indifferent. His now classic 2018 track, Nice For What, is pretty […]

Steve Jobs was always ahead of the curve when it came to technology and software. Before we all started using the term “Genius” so loosely, Steve Jobs was it.  On this day in 2011, we lost the technological pioneer to cancer, but his spirit far sustains what his physical life did. Fans, friends and family […]