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Oh, Chloe.

Singer and actress, Chloe Bailey, posted a sultry video on social media this morning (Nov. 11), thanking her fans and announcing that there is more to come. It caused a significant response on the Internet, and let’s just say fans are not reacting the way she probably anticipated upon posting.

The video shows Chloe Bailey in lingerie, sucking on a lollipop with a special message to her “4 million followers and counting.” She continues, “My candy kisses and my clovers… thank you all so much for loving me and I love you right on back.” The singer ensures her fans that, “there’s a lot more to come,” with a delicate kiss to the camera at the end.

Fans have since turned the short clip into a hotline advertisement, which could have made for genius marketing for her future single releases. We have no idea why Miss Chloe decided to post this video today. Though if it were to shake up the timeline, mission accomplished. People are reacting with the most comical quoted tweets insinuating that this was a marketing ploy for her OnlyFans account. Some Chloe fans are calling the naysayers haters. These fans believe anyone who has something negative to say is projecting.

Regardless of how fans feel, Chloe Bailey is serving up a hot plate of sexiness on this fine Thursday. She already mentioned that she is stepping into herself as a grown woman, and there is no looking back. If you were looking for an angel, you may want to subscribe to Disney princess and little sister, Halle’s account because Chloe is moving in a new direction.

Take a look at some of the fan reactions below.

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6. Talent Speaks For Itself


7. Stop Projecting


8. Not The Hormone Monster


9. The Lollipop Was The Moment


10. The Marketing