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The official trailer for the black and white drama film Passing was released and fans have been sharing their own “passing” memes across social media.

Passing stars Tessa Thompson, as Irene Redfield, and Ruth Negga, portraying Clare Kendry. The two mixed-race childhood friends reunite in middle class adulthood and become increasingly involved with one another’s lives and insecurities. While Irene identifies as African-American and is married to a black doctor, Clare “passes” as White and has married a prejudiced, but wealthy White man.

Simply put, one woman is reunited with a Black friend who has been living her life passing as a white person.

The film is an adaptation of the 1929 novel of the same name written bye Nella Larsen. It is also Rebecca Hall’s feature directorial debut.

The trailer is seven seconds short of two minutes. It shows the duality of one friend living in her own skin and the other who has created a life outside of her own. The story appears to be an interesting take on identity and perception. It is especially relevant to today’s social constructs in the era of social media, where many people have recreated their own realities similar to Clare “passing” for White in the film.

Fans share their own representations of celebrities and public figures “passing” on social media through a series of memes.

Passing will debut in select theaters this October and exclusively on Netflix November 10. Check out the official trailer below.