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If you’re not watching Broad City on Comedy Central, well, what the hell are you actually waiting for? The show, starring comedic goddesses Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, started as a web series back in 2009, and with the help of producer Amy Poehler, launched a hilarious half hour show last year.

Currently a few episodes into its second season, Broad City follows two ridiculous twenty-something girls as they navigate the ins-and-outs, random shitshows, and general gonzo incidents that inevitably happen when you live in New York City. So yes, it’s another show about girls in the Big Apple, but it’s so far removed from Sex & the City‘s aspirational glamour and GIRLS’ painful and painstaking dissection of relationships and utter lack of self-awareness, those programs might as well be on another planet. Ilana and Abbi aren’t necessarily the most normal chicks, but they’re girls you wish you knew and would definitely hang out with.

So again, why should you be watching? First, let’s start things off slow with an introductory web episode that helps you get a handle on the push-and-pull of nutcase Ilana and endearingly awkward Abbi’s relationship:

Another thing you should know? Ilana is pretty much obsessed with Abbi and is always trying to engage her in some kind of display of affection:

And check out the ladies’ last web episode before they made the jump to the small screen, featuring the aforementioned Amy Poehler:

In the half hour series we also get some supporting characters, including Lincoln (played by Hannibal Buress) a dentist who hooks up with Ilana and basically loves her, even though most of the time when she’s not banging him, she ignores him.

Then there’s Abbi’s roommate’s boyfriend – Bevers. Bevers is disgusting, always on the couch, and his girlfriend literally never makes an appearance in the show. He’s like Zach Galifiankis’ grosser brother.

There’s Abbi’s hot neighbor Jeremy, whom she’s head over heels for:

And Jaime, Ilana’s undocumented drug-dealing roommate from Venezuela:

Speaking of drugs, Ilana loves to smoke weed and she generally supplies it to Abbi, who gets worried she’s not a real adult because she doesn’t have her own dealer.

And she also does weird stuff with her weed:

Which they smoke outside fancy restaurants with the bus boy and then discuss things like:

Ilana is obsessed with Lil Wayne, and spends the whole first episode of the show trying to snag tickets to his concert. She has a dream of how this will turn out:

Instead, this is how their night ends:

Meanwhile, Abbi has her own obsession with Bed, Bath & Beyond:


Abbi is technically the more “responsible” of the two. She’s an artist, but has a job at a hybrid Equinox/Soul Cycle-type gym. She wants to be a trainer, but really, she just cleans the bathrooms. This is what happens when she’s left in public:

Ilana sort of works for a coupon website, but spends most of her time sleeping in the bathroom. When she doesn’t get one of her paychecks, she does this:

New York City and its residents serve as the unofficial third star of Broad City, as the girls deal with crazy men and have their fair share of dalliances, but they’re not necessarily lucky in love.

Then there’s the time Abbi is so fed up with Bevers she goes apartment hunting. Amy Sedaris plays the broker showing the girls the most ludicrous living arrangements ever. And if you know NYC, you know this is not even a joke.

But even throughout all the bullshit, Ilana and Abbi keep on dancing. Strangely.

Especially in this Do The Right Thing-esque episode of their web series:

And regardless, they’re still actually best friends who hold it down for one another.

Broad City. Tonight. Comedy Central. 10:30p.m. Watch it.


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