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Sinai Miller was selling girl scout cookies in Indianapolis with her two younger sisters, when a car drove by and fired shots off, hitting her in the leg.

According to IndyStar, the 9-year-old girl was wounded from the bullet, but was hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition. She is also reported by sources to be asking family members repeatedly, “What did I do wrong?”

Sinai has returned home since the incident, and investigators looking at the scene have heard accounts from witnesses, who reveal that they saw an arm stick out of an SUV before firing off shots. So far, police believe that she was hit by a stray bullet, which was not meant for her, before the SUV took off.

Mark Chandler, who is the boyfriend of Sinai’s mother, told police:

“They walked outside the door, and they didn’t even get to make it across the lot and then the shots start ringing out,”

Authorities are searching for a blue Ford Expedition. We hope that Sinai can make a swift recovery from this scary incident.

SOURCE: IndyStar | PHOTO CREDIT: IndyStar Screenshot